With the rising popularity of online rummy in India, it accounted for over 300 million USD in 2019 in the online Indian gaming market. It is estimated to reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2024, attributed to the rising usage of smartphones in the country’s rural areas, according to Statista. In addition to this, the search trend of the word “Rummy game” has also grown from 300/month to 25,000/month, as per the report from google trends. Therefore here we have created a list of some of the best rummy apps to earn money in India where you can play and earn real cash.

Search trend of the word “Rummy game

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a card-based game that requires the sorting of cards. It is played in many different formats and with a different set of rules all around the world. If we talk about Indian-style rummy, then it requires 2 to 6 players to start a game.

What are Online Rummy Apps?

Card games have always been a part of Indian households, and rummy is among the most played games. Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in online rummy apps that offer supreme, fun-filled, and exhilarating gaming experiences.

The best thing about these apps is that you can play them at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. People play rummy on these apps to take a break from their hectic schedules, but now it is more than that. With these online rummy apps, you can even earn real money and transfer it to your bank account. In this article, we have curated a list of some of the best rummy apps in India that you can start playing today and earn without any investment.

Is the Online Rummy App Safe?

Rummy apps are 100% safe to use and earn only when played on a trusted platform. You must check if the platform is RNG certified, as it promises that the game is fair and safe for users. A game like rummy is a game of skill there, for it is considered a business activity from a legal point of view. There is an official announcement about changes in new rules and regulations for all online gaming apps.

How to Choose the Best Rummy App?

Choosing the best rummy app can be difficult when there are so many options available, but you can consider the things below to help you make the right decision.

1. Game Mode: Check whether the app offers multiple variants of rummy, such as Points, Deals, etc. and ensure that the player is able to choose from different types of games, table sizes, entry fees, and prize pools based on their skill level.

2. Security: Adhere to proper regulation and licensing to ensure the app provides robust security features. The app should also have SSL encryption to safeguard your personal and financial data. Additionally, the app should have an RNG certification to ensure fair gameplay.

Furthermore, the app should offer secure transactions through UPI and bank transfers. 

3. Ease of Use: The app should have a user-friendly and intuitive interface for navigating or playing the games. It should be easy to locate any setting or gaming options with just a few taps or clicks.

4. Bonuses: You can also check out all the different rewards and challenges offered by these rummy apps, which help the players stay motivated throughout the game. All genuine rummy apps offer rewards like cash prizes, bonus points, and sometimes free tickets for playing rummy games and tournaments. 

List of Top 27 Rummy Apps in India

A23 Rummy4.2/588.9K10M+
Junglee Rummy4.0/594.6K10M+
Rummy Circle4.1/5 341K10M+
Taj Rummy4.3/52.58K500K+
Classic Rummy3.7/5457100K+
Rummy VillaN/AN/AN/A
Deccan RummyN/AN/AN/A
Khelplay RummyN/AN/AN/A
Rummy Culture4.2/548.4K 5M+
Gamezy Rummy3.9/56.89T1M+
Rummy CentralN/AN/AN/A
Indian Rummy4.4/5265K10M+
Rummy Gold4.2/539.2K5M+
Gin Rummy Plus4.5/5643K10M+
Indian Rummy4.2/518.5K5M+
Rummy Passion4.6/55.56K1M+
King Rummy3.2/5356100K+
Rummy Go3.6/510750K+
Playship Rummy4.1/511K1M+
Mega Rummy4.4/51.3K100K+
Summary table of Best Rummy Apps in India. Last Updated on (13-05-2024)

1. A23 Rummy

A23 Rummy logo
A23 Rummy Logo

Ace2Three, or A23, is one of the best rummy apps in India, with 45 million active users. With A23 rummy, you can play two- and six-player tournaments, pools 101 and 201, point games, deals rummy, and much more, where you can get 5000 free chips to play free rummy games online.

The “VIP Club” section of the online multiplayer gaming app features exclusive deals designed for privileged gamers and offers unmatched service. This club offers numerous advantages, including a dedicated personal VIP Host, enticing VIP Bonuses, profitable VIP tournaments, and much more.

A23 Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of up to ₹75
  • Get up to ₹15000 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
A23 RummyAndriodIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up12.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

2. Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy logo
Junglee Rummy logo

With over 30 million registered real-time users, Junglee Rummy is another known platform for playing Rummy. You can play games like pool rummy, point rummy, deals rummy, 21 cards and more with Junglee Rummy and win cash prizes.

You can also play other card games such as Teen Patti, poker and Blackjack on Junglee Rummy. This app allows you to play free card games with your friends, family, and other players on their platform.

Junglee Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Get a 100% Bonus of up to ₹1500 on your deposit
  • Up to ₹1000 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Junglee RummyAndriodIOS
Compatibility8.0 and up12.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

3. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle Logo
Rummy Circle Logo

Rummy Circle is known for its gaming affiliate program and fast gameplay, secure platform, and safe transactions, along with international gameplay standards. Rummy Circle brings in a personalized gameplay experience for each player with the help of a lot of data measurements and technology. With over 30 million active players and constant games, you can play rummy online with the best players on this app. Here you can play multi-table games and enjoy a prompt gameplay ambience.

Rummy Circle Earning Opportunity:

  • 100% welcome bonus
  • Up to ₹500 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Rummy CircleAndriodIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up13.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

4. Taj Rummy

Taj rummy logo
Taj rummy logo

Managed by Grid Logic Games Pvt. Ltd., Taj Rummy constantly tries to deliver an exceptional quality the Indian version of the 13- card game. This app offers single-table, multi-table and multiplayer rummy games. For you to have an incredible gaming experience, Taj Rummy is powered by AI, Smart Correction, Extended Auto Play, Intel Safe and much more.

Taj Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Get a ₹500 sign-up bonus
  • Referral bonus up to ₹3000
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Taj RummyAndriodIOS
Compatibility5.1 and up15.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

5. Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy logo
Classic Rummy logo

With a user base of 10+ lakh players, Classic Rummy is another online rummy app. At Classic Rummy, you can play 13 card rummy games for free or cash of your choice and win real money prizes every day. The app offers 9 variants of online rummy games, including pool rummy comprising 3 variants, deal rummy comprising a single variant and points rummy (with or without a joker). Classic Rummy also offers multi-table and multiplayer free rummy tournaments.

Classic Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of ₹50
  • Earn up to ₹15,000 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200
Classic RummyAndriodIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up11.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

6. Rummy Villa

Rummy Villa logo
Rummy Villa logo

Rummy Villa is another best-earning rummy app in India. This app offers rummy games such as points rummy, pool rummy and deals variations. You can also win cash daily and play free tournaments daily.  Rummy Villa offers advanced features like Autoplay, AI, smart correction, etc., making it one of the top rummy apps in the industry. 100% secure, legal and protected environment, you can play practice rummy games at Rummy Villa.

Rummy Villa Earning Opportunity:

  • Welcome bonus up to ₹2,500
  • 100% Referral Bonus up to ₹1,000 of the First Deposit
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100

App Download – Rummy Villa

7. Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy logo
Deccan Rummy logo

Another top-earning rummy app with more than a million active players is Deccan Rummy. On this app, 2-6 players can play rummy card games along with pools rummy, deals rummy and point rummy. You can also participate in tournaments like multi-table and multiplayer formats, daily freerolls and big prize pool tournaments. On Deccan Rummy, you get a chance to win up to 20 lakhs on free rummy tournaments (Freerolls).

Deccan Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • ₹25 sign-up bonus
  • Refer and get 10% of your friend’s winning fees every time they win for life
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹500

App Download – Deccan Rummy

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8. Khelplay Rummy

Khelplay Rummy logo
Khelplay Rummy logo

Khelplay Rummy offers one of the most extremely convenient and compatible platforms to play rummy online while adhering to all the essential guidelines. You can enjoy playing traditional 13 cards, Indian rummy or 21 cards Indian rummy with Khelplay Rummy. With over 5 lakh players across the globe, this app offers the most exciting, real-time online rummy experience.

Khelplay Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Welcome bonus on 1st deposit
  • Get 5% of your friend’s wagering as Cash up to ₹2,500
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Khelplay RummyAndriodIOS
CompatibilityN/A9.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

9. Rummytime

Rummytime logo
Rummytime logo

Trusted by 70 lakh players, Rummytime is another money-earning rummy app that offers a seamless visual experience. With this app, you can play numerous rummy variations and enjoy easy and quick withdrawal features. It assures the users of complete 360° digital safety, unlimited, secured withdrawals, and an RNG-verified application.

Rummytime Earning Opportunity:

  • Up to ₹2000 referral cash
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Compatibility5.0 and up12.4 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

10. PlayRummy

PlayRummy logo
PlayRummy logo

Another top-earning rummy app is PlayRummy, with more than 75 million active players. Their fast and smooth gameplay, secure platform and safe transactions make them one of the popular rummy game apps. PlayRummy offers 13 card rummy variants, including points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. They also provide 21 card rummy variants. You can join their rummy tournaments to win big prizes after playing some free practice and cash games.

PlayRummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Welcome bonus up to ₹1500
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200
Compatibility9.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

11. Rummy Culture

Rummy Culture app logo
Rummy Culture logo

Rummy Culture is one of the top online rummy platforms since it provides all its website, iOS, and Android customers with a wonderful experience. Additionally, it offers its players the best bonus and cash prizes, Instanta cash withdrawals, and more.

It is the safest and most legal platform to play Rummy. It offers the best deals, limitless bonuses, cash games, and free tournaments.

Rummy Culture Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of up to ₹300 and up to ₹10,250 welcome bonus
  • Get up to ₹20,000 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Rummy CultureAndroidIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up11.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

12. PokerStars

PokerStars logo
PokerStars logo

An online rummy application that offers a good user experience is PokerStars. The app is dedicated to promoting Rummy as a game that emphasises skill. To play the game, the player must download the app to their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Create an account on the website for Classic Rummy, then log in to begin playing.

PokerStars Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of ₹100
  • Use code ‘MADE1500’ on your first real money deposit of ₹500+, and you will get an extra ₹1,500 in free play – ₹500 cash bonus and ₹1,000 in Sit & Go tickets.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹822.06
Compatibility5.0 and up13.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

13. Gamezy Rummy

Gamezy Rummy logo
Gamezy Rummy logo

Rummy play on Gamezy is safe, secure, and legal. Gamezy believes that fantasy cricket offers more, therefore they created a rewarding and engaging platform where everyone benefits. The business is passionate about it, and its objective is to assist players of all skill levels in becoming fully engaged by teaching them how to win prizes. From the moment you enter the virtual world until you start winning for real, they want to provide you with a unique experience.

Gamezy Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Welcome bonus of ₹12,000
  • Earn upto ₹12,516 per friend via referrals
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹25
Gamezy RummyAndriod
Compatibility5.1 and up
Download linkVisit

14. GoRummy

GoRummy logo
GoRummy logo

A healthy, secure, and safe gaming environment is provided by GoRummy. To play Rummy online, the player doesn’t require any extra software. Play, have fun, and win cash rewards! GoRummy is powered by the renowned DigiCert, which guarantees the best authentication and encryption. On GoRummy, players can choose from a variety of secure payment methods, so they can play rummy without worrying.

GoRummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹2500 on the first deposit.
  • Earn up to ₹1000 per referral
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100

15. Rummy Central

Rummy Central logo
Rummy Central logo

With Grid Logic Games Private Limited’s support, Rummy Central has the ability to perform at the top of their game. You can open a free Rummy Central account to play for free or even for real money.

The simple Indian variant of Rummy is one of the several variations offered by Rummy Central. Additionally, you can occasionally take advantage of the platform’s many offers and promotions.

You can play a variety of rummy games with the application, including both single-player and multiplayer games. You have the option to play the 29-card game, which is hardly offered on other websites.

Rummy Central Earning Opportunity:

  • 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹1,500 + Instant Cash Back Up to ₹4000
  • 100% bonus up to ₹3000 on referral’s first deposit
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100

App Download – Rummy Central

16. MPL

MPL logo
MPL logo

MPL Rummy is a fast-paced card game combining traditional rummy elements with modern technology. It is played with two to six players, each with their own shuffled deck of cards. The game is designed for casual and competitive players, with a high replay value. MPL is one of India’s biggest online card games due to its simple rules, fast rounds, and strategic gameplay.

MPL Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of up to ₹75
  • Get 50% of your referral’s deposit, up to a maximum of ₹75 Bonus Cash
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹20 (for level 1)
Compatibility8.0 and up12.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

17. Indian Rummy by Octro

Indian Rummy by Octro logo
Indian Rummy by Octro logo

Indian Rummy by Octro is an online rummy game popular with players and fans of the classic Indian Rummy card game. This game is played online and can be accessed through the Octro app or their website. The game follows the standard rules of Indian Rummy and allows players to play with anywhere between two and six players. It also offers a variety of options, such as tournaments, special events, and leaderboards. The app has several different features, including playing with up to 6 players, options for private tables, tournaments and special events, leaderboards, secure gaming environment along with 128-bit encryption, and various game modes.

Indian Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of up to Rs. 10
  • Get up to ₹100/30% referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Indian RummyAndroidIOS
CompatibilityVaries with device10.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

18. Rummy Gold

Rummy Gold logo
Rummy Gold logo

Rummy Gold is the ultimate rummy game app! It has amazing features that make it stand out from the competition. Players can play against friends and family or compete against computer players. The game has beautiful graphics, realistic sound effects, and an intuitive user interface. The game also has a unique “Gold Mode” that allows players to bet with gold coins to increase the stakes and excitement. Additionally, players can participate in tournaments and challenge friends to leaderboard competitions. There are over 50 different levels to customize the game and make it more challenging.

Rummy Gold Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of up to 2 lakh free chips
  • Get up to 1 crore free chips referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Rummy GoldAndroidIOS
Compatibility4.4 and up8.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

19. Gin Rummy Plus

Gin Rummy Plus
Gin Rummy Plus logo

Play live with millions of real players and experience the thrill of competing on competitive leaderboards. Show off your skills and prove you’re the ultimate champion among elite Gin Rummy players from around the globe.

Double the excitement with progressive jackpots, and invite your friends to join the fun. The Gin Rummy Plus community is super friendly, offering a social experience with various rummy lounges for the ultimate enjoyment.

You’ll earn free bonuses and coins to enhance your gaming experience even further as you play. The game is free to play, but some in-app purchases are available for extra content and in-game currency.

Gin Rummy Plus Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of ₹51
  • Get up to ₹1000 referral bonus
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹1000
Gin Rummy Plus AndroidIOS
Compatibility5.1 and up12.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

20. Indian Rummy by Yarsa Games

Indian Rummy by Yarsa Games
Indian Rummy logo

Indian Rummy by Yarsa Games is a popular mobile game that lets you play the classic Indian Rummy on your phone! You have many game modes, like Classic, Deals, and Points Rummy. Not just that, they even have different variants of the game, such as 21 Card Rummy, 13 Card Rummy, and Gin Rummy. So many options for you to enjoy different styles of gameplay! The best part is you can play offline and test your skills against bots.

Indian Rummy AndroidIOS
Compatibility5.1 and up11.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

21. RummyCue

RummyCue logo

Introducing RummyCue, the ultimate Indian rummy app that brings the thrill of playing rummy online to your fingertips! With RummyCue, you can enjoy endless rummy fun with your family and friends, no matter where you are.

Discover various rummy games, including the popular Indian rummy variation, all in one place. Getting started is even more exciting with the free rummy bonus they offer!

RummyCue goes beyond gaming; it creates a social space for rummy enthusiasts like you. Connecting with fellow players over the app makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

RummyCue Earning Opportunity:

  • 60% Bonus money for First Deposit
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹50
Compatibility4.1 and up
Download linkVisit

22. Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion
Rummy Passion logo

Rummy Passion, the popular rummy app in India, is designed exclusively for users aged 18 and above, ensuring a high-quality experience. Seamlessly enjoy your gaming with multiple deposit channels available to you.

The user-friendly interface and a wide array of rummy games , such as points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy, make Rummy Passion stand out. Take your gaming to the next level by participating in various tournaments and challenges, where you can compete against others and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes.

Rummy Passion Earning Opportunity:

  • Get up to ₹7,000 as a Welcome Rummy Bonus
  • Refer a Friend Bonus of ₹10,000
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200
Rummy PassionAndroidIOS
Compatibility5.1 and up12.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

23. Adda52

Adda52 logo

Adda52, the well-known online gaming platform in India, is your one-stop destination for a wide range of exciting games, including rummy, poker, and more. Among these, Adda52 Rummy stands out as one of the best rummy apps in India, offering you a chance to earn money while having a blast!

Explore the variety of rummy games they have, like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy, and play for free or compete for thrilling cash prizes.

With multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and net banking, depositing money into your Adda52 Rummy account is a breeze.

Adda52 Earning Opportunity:

  • Get ₹2500 as a welcome bonus on your first deposit
  • Refer a Friend Bonus of up to ₹15,000
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Adda52 AndroidIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up12.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

24. King Rummy

King Rummy
King Rummy logo

Discover the excitement of King Rummy, one of India’s most loved rummy apps! Its user – friendly interface makes playing a breeze. Get ready to dive into game modes like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy, ensuring endless fun and challenges. Prepare to take your rummy skills to the next level by participating in thrilling daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. There, you can compete with the best and seize the chance to win amazing prizes. Invite your friends to join the fun, and you can earn bonus cash!

King Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Up to ₹2000 Welcome Bonus on the first deposit
  • Sign up with King Rummy and get up to ₹10 free bonus.
King Rummy AndroidIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up12.0 and later
Download linkVisitVisit

25. Rummy Go

Rummy Go
Rummy Go logo

Rummy Go is a strong contender for being the best rummy app, with over 10+ lakh players already on board! Its website is available for download and caters to players aged 18 and above. What sets Rummy Go apart is its unique feature that lets players compete with others worldwide.

The app offers a variety of rummy games, including Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy, giving players the freedom to choose the game that suits their preferences and skill level.

Rummy Go Earning Opportunity:

  • Sign-up bonus of ₹41
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100
Rummy GoAndroid
Compatibility4.1 and up
Download linkVisit

26. Playship Rummy

Playship Rummy
Playship Rummy logo

Offering seamless and secure rummy gameplay, Playship Rummy is one of the top mobile rummy apps. It balances accessibility for beginners and experienced players alike. This app has built a reputation by offering an unparalleled rummy experience with a focus on safety, authenticity, and strategic fun. 

Playship rummy is also known for its Fairplay protection policies, RNG for fairness, verified payment channels, and constant bot monitoring. You can earn real money by playing deals, pool, and points rummy game variants. 

Playship Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Get up to ₹20,000 in rewards for your first 7 deposits within the first week, starting with ₹2,500 bonus on a ₹5,000 deposit.
  • Earn ₹2,500 rewards for referring a friend.
  • Play free weekly tournaments with a ₹40 lakhs prize pool.
Playship RummyAndroidIOS
Compatibility5.0 and up11.0 or later
Download linkVisitVisit

27. Mega Rummy

mega rummy
Mega Rummy logo

Mega Rummy is another leading rummy app that offers 24/7 availability of various rummy formats, such as Points, Pool, and Deals rummy. Participating in tournaments rewards both beginners and seasoned players. Some of the top features of Mega Rummy include zero waiting time, support for multiple payment modes, unlimited referrals, instant cash withdrawals, and SSL-secured transactions. 

Players also have the chance to access free practice chips to sharpen their rummy skills. With Mega Rummy, players don’t have to worry about biased gameplay as it ensures fair play with RNG certification and regular policy updates. 

Mega Rummy Earning Opportunity:

  • Enjoy industry-leading deposit offers of up to 8X.
  • Earn up to ₹25,000 through referrals.
  • Join leaderboards with no entry fees and win rewards by topping them.
  • Use code NEW400 for a 400% cashback offer.
Mega Rummy Android
Compatibility5.0 and up
Download linkVisit


If you are good at playing rummy and have the right skills, then you can easily win money with these online rummy apps. With the apps listed above, you can play rummy from the comfort of your home and at your own convenience. All you need to do to get started is download the free app and start playing.


Is rummy legal in India?

Rummy is not totally legal in India except for the states of Assam, Telangana, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.

Are rummy and poker the same?

No, Rummy and Pocker are not the same. Rummy is more of a game where you have to strategize your gameplay with a lot of calculations, and your outcome will depend on the moves that you have played. In poker, you also have to strategize your moves clearly, but the outcome will be based on your guess.

Which rummy app gives a welcome bonus?

Some of the rummy apps which provide welcome bonuses are:
1. Ace2three: Sign-up bonus of up to ₹75.
2. Junglee Rummy: 100% Bonus up to ₹1500 on first deposit.
3. Rummy Circle: 100% welcome bonus.
4. Taj Rummy: ₹500 sign-up bonus
5. Classic Rummy: Sign up bonus of ₹50
6. Rummy Villa: Welcome bonus up to ₹2,500
7. Deccan Rummy: ₹25 sign-up bonus
8. Khelplay Rummy: bonus on 1st deposit
9. PlayRummy: Welcome bonus up to ₹1500

Does rummy give real money?

Yes, the rummy app gives real money, which you can withdraw straight into your bank account.

Which is the best rummy app in India?

Here is a list of some of the most popular rummy apps available in India to earn real money without any investment.
1. A23 Rummy
2. Junglee Rummy
3. Rummy Circle
4. Taj Rummy
5. Classic Rummy

Some Other Ways to Earn:

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